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Patreon is a social media platform that allows creators to share and become closer to their most loyal fans. It allows a more one-on-one connection between the creator and the patron. It will allow me to offer my patrons an exclusive content and special features that aren't available on other social media sites. 


When you sign up to follow me on Patreon, you select a package (or what Patreon calls a "tier"). Depending on the tier you choose, your monthly contribution will allow you to participate in exclusive content. Each tier will provide specific advantages. The first tier will be the least expensive, but will include a small "donation" for general support to my business. Tier 2 will include everything in Tier 1 but will also include some added benefits. Tier 3 is the most complete package, where the patron (that's YOU) will receive everything in tier 1 and 2 along with many other advantages. You can cancel your patronage account and "unfollow" me whenever you want (but I hope you'll want to stay!). You can also upgrade to a different tier if you decide you want to have a more complete package. 

First, you will select one of the tiers (or a package) below. Let's check out what you will receive in each tier. 

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In this monthly subscription package, you will receive the perks listed below for only $12 per month. You are able to cancel any time*. 


* Patreon memberships are limited to only 75 patrons, so please be aware that cancelling your membership will open up a spot for another person to join in your place.. 

  •  General Support

  • Private Facebook community

  • Early Notification of New Product Releases

  • Patron-Only Preorders of New Products & Restocks

  • Patron-Only Discounts & Coupons

  • Patron-only Posts & Messages

  • Full Library Access to past VIP-Only Exclusive Videos

  • Patron-Only Voting Power

  • Private Live Stash Sales

  • Patron-Only Reviews of New Products 

  • Patron-Only Updates & Announcements